The Corral: A Tasty NiteMare

The Corral

The Corral
1006 S. Arlington St.
Akron, OH

I know that my first post makes this blog look like a list of restaurant reviews. I promise to have a wide variety of unique Akron shops, hangouts, historical locations, and more in the future. Enjoy.

While Beacon Journal readers voted sauerkraut balls as the official food of Akron it could be argued that burgers are a close second. Not only do we host a National Hamburger Festival every summer, we also have Menche Brothers, a restaurant that claims to have invented the beefy sandwich. While many friends have a list of favorite joints such as Skyway and Swenson’s, few ever mention The Corral.

This bastion of tastiness has been located at 1006 S. Arlington “for many years” according to one employee. While the menu is full of heart-clogging options (gravy is listed as a side), the signature dish is the NiteMare. Weighing in at almost a half-pound (the whole thing, not just the patty), the NiteMare has the standard onions, mustard, ketchup, mustard, etc., but what makes this burger unique is that it’s contents lovingly rest upon a slice of chip-chopped ham. Not convinced? Let your taste buds make the final verdict.

The interior is very tiny. There are only a handful of ’50s-style booths next to the sizzling kitchen. Most patrons order take-out or are served in their cars drive-in style.


13 Responses to “The Corral: A Tasty NiteMare”

  1. stevefelix Says:

    I’ll try it if you did! I wonder if there’s any meaning to the name other than that it’s a frighteningly big burger.

  2. Tom Says:

    Huh, all this time I’ve driven by this restaurant and never known what it held. It just goes to show you what you miss out on when you aren’t willing to do a little exploring. I’ll definitely have to check out The Corral.

    I’ve done quite a bit of food blogging on several Akron joints as well. Check it out if you have a chance.

    Exploring Food My Way

  3. Jeff Says:

    My parents used to take me to the Corral when I was a kid (40 some years ago – and my parents were going there before I was born). Right next door to it was another drive-in who’s name escapes me at the moment.

  4. Mike Says:

    Best onion rings this side of Hamburger Station!

  5. Paula Says:

    Jeff- the restaurant that was across the street was the Spotless Spot. They menu was almost identical to the Corral.
    I used to live a block from these restaurants. I’m planning on going on today for a trip down memory lane.

  6. Jeff Says:

    Thanks, Paula – I could picture the place, but couldn’t retrieve the name. It was a great thrill to go there when I was little. I live in NY now, and haven’t been there in many years – I’m really surprised to see it’s still open!

  7. Sandy Says:

    I worked at the Corral in 1968. Loved their hot dog sauce. It was & is still secret. I live in Alabama now but did make a trip to Akron & the Corral over the summer, bought a pint of the sauce and froze it in small amounts, delicious. TRY It. If anyone ever finds the secret sauce recipe PLEASE post it!

  8. John Says:

    I’ve been going to this restaurant for over 40 years. Best ever onion rings. No grease on your fingers. Everything is delicious. Very clean. One of Akron’s best kept secrets.

  9. Says:

    Gene Davis says:
    I lived a block away down Austin Avenue. Beginning in 1943 my brothers and I would hurry to the limestone graveled parking lot in the morning and look for change that the car hops had dropped the previous evening.
    The coins faded in with color of the gravel. We were able to supplement our meager allowances.
    A few years later we would enjoy the food, juke boxes, and pin ball machine.
    I now live in California, but come to Akron every year. When I’m home I always stop by the Corral for a foot long dog and a milkshake. Though they now cost more the $.15 each cost we first paid, they taste as good as they did once upon a time.

  10. Tonya Says:

    ahhhhhh went to Corral today….. onion rings, nitemare n a footling coney! if I die before I wake, this last meal for I will take!

  11. Monsterburger! « Says:

    […] it’s burgers, as  you can tell from the many previous posts on this site. You can try the NiteMare, the SkyHi, or the Galley Boy. Is there possibly a contender? Please consider the gargantuan […]

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