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March 18, 2012

Sue’s Diner
886 Canton Rd.

Akron is known for it’s burgers, asĀ  you can tell from the many previous posts on this site. You can try the NiteMare, the SkyHi, or the Galley Boy. Is there possibly a contender? Please consider the gargantuan Monsterburger served at Sue’s Diner.

This one pound beef behemoth is so big that the restaurant bakes their own buns because they can’t purchase them in the appropriate size. The massive patty sits on a bed of lettuce and onion and is adorned with several slices of cheese, sweet ham, and “Monster Sauce.”

This blogger couldn’t finish it on his own and, considering its size, it’s a good deal at $8.99.

The menu doesn’t end there. You can also tackle the Hot Italian Monster, loaded with salami, pepperoni, bologna, ham, lettuce, onion, and Italian dressing.

Looking for a taste of old Akron? Sue’s has the Thacker Burger, based off of the recipe from Thacker’s Restaurant, which existed from the 1920s to the 1980s on East Market near Goodyear’s headquarters. It has loads of onions, dill pickle, and mustard, but, like Hamburger Station, they hold the catsup.

If you’re hungry for a little more and still have some Lipitor left, get a Mini Monster for the ride home.

Please call for hours.


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