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Film Sandwiches

August 29, 2011

Mr. Zub’s
812 W Market St.

Mr. Zub’s chef Micah Townsend loves movies. In fact, every dish in his restaurant is named after a film or film character. Now his newest creation, The Akron Film Burger, is available to the public. The sandwich is in honor of the 2011 Akron Film+Pixel Festival (formerly the Akron Film Festival), which will take place at the Akron Art Museum (1 South High St., Akron, OH) October 6-9, 2011.

“We try to use our vast knowledge of modern and independent films to create a memorable experience to go with our fresh food,” said Townsend. “This is a great sandwich and we want customers to associate it with our local film festival.”

The Akron Film Burger is a vegan spicy black bean burger, made to order with a wide variety of different toppings. It will join the Mr. Zub’s menu for a limited time among the ranks of The Kid (Film: Bad Santa; deep fried jalapeno cheese ravioli stacker), The Thurgood Jenkins (Film: Half Baked; tater tots, sour cream, chives, nacho cheese and bacon) and The Dirk Diggler (Film: Boogie Nights; a giant hot dog with onions, slaw, mustard and chili).

The Akron Film Burger is $6.99 and will only be available through October 10, 2011. The full list of Akron Film+Pixel Festival films, panels and parties will be available on September 3, 2011 at Festival passes are on sale now.

(Editor’s note: I’m the dude to the left in the photo and am co-director of the Akron Film+Pixel Festival)


“Exploring Food My Way” blog

January 10, 2010

There’s one blog I’d like all of my readers to check out: Exploring Food My Way is written by the kinda dude who can enjoy a good local North East Ohio restaurant, sit-down or otherwise. I don’t know him and haven’t met him, but from reading his posts I know he’s an Akron-based man who goes out to eat at least three or four times a week and does an amazing job of discovering the best (and cheesiest) eateries in the area. I’ve followed his advice a few times and haven’t gone wrong so far. His recent post about the trailer-bound Taqueria La Loma let me know how serious he is about locally-based cuisine and interesting Akron hot spots. Check it out and let me know what your favorite Akron eateries are.

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