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Kabobs, veggies and hummas, drive-in style

September 26, 2010

Main Street Continental Grill
911 East Main St.
Kent, OH 44340

To continue my tour of Kent, I move on to the Main Street Continental Grill. Restauranteurs have been serving drive-in foodies at this location for decades, but since 2007 it has moved from exclusively burgers and hot dogs to include shwarma and baba ghanouj. It’s a great location to find ethnic eats after leaving the Loft or the Zephyr Pub after a few brews. It’s kinda like a Swensons for the Mediterranean in all of us.

I’ll be covering more local ethnic restaurants in the next few months, but if you’re looking for a great guide I highly recommend the book Cleveland Ethnic Eats by Laura Taxel.

Note: I am employed by Laura Taxel’s publishing company, but to be honest, I purchased her books before I worked there.


A bucket o’ gold at the end of the X-Wing

September 12, 2010

Mike’s Place
1700 South Water Street
Kent, OH 44240-4447
(330) 673-6501

When I visit Kent it reminds me of all late nights in college when my friends and I hopped from bar-to-bar, catching wacky bands and stand up comedians, and then capping it off with a visit to Mike’s Place. Those who know me will probably make accusations that I selected this location purely because they have a makeshift X-Wing fighter out front, but I have to counter with the amazing menu.

Mike’s has dozens of heart-clogging meals and sides, all with clever names. My personal favorite is a sandwich called the “Dirk Diggler.” It’s huge, and does in fact require two hands. While there also pick up a “Bucket ‘O Gold,” which is literally a bucket filled with all of the fried foods on the menu, including ravioli.

This is a restaurant full of character, loud music and plenty of seats, so you’ll never find yourself waiting for a table. I suggest dining in the streetcar.

Eat ‘N’ Run . . . not Eat and Park

July 10, 2010

Eat ‘N’ Run Diner
1323 Kenmore Blvd.
(330) 848-3212

Nestled between a Smokes-For-Less Outlet and a company that embroiders bowling shirts, Eat ‘N’ Run has been an institution in Akron’s Kenmore neighborhood since time immemorial. A classic “greasy spoon,” this family-owned eatery features an old-fashioned lunch counter, speedy service, and most importantly, excellent grub, from mouth-watering omelets to arguably the best Reuben sandwich in Northeast Ohio.

Located along a gritty, post-industrial stretch of Kenmore Boulevard, it’s easy to miss, so look for the vintage “Enjoy Sprite” sign on the front of the building . . . and bring cash! No plastic allowed.

Call for hours!

-Mike Manges

“Exploring Food My Way” blog

January 10, 2010

There’s one blog I’d like all of my readers to check out: Exploring Food My Way is written by the kinda dude who can enjoy a good local North East Ohio restaurant, sit-down or otherwise. I don’t know him and haven’t met him, but from reading his posts I know he’s an Akron-based man who goes out to eat at least three or four times a week and does an amazing job of discovering the best (and cheesiest) eateries in the area. I’ve followed his advice a few times and haven’t gone wrong so far. His recent post about the trailer-bound Taqueria La Loma let me know how serious he is about locally-based cuisine and interesting Akron hot spots. Check it out and let me know what your favorite Akron eateries are.

Taqueria de Akron

July 4, 2009

Taqueria Rancheros
286 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave.
Akron, OH 44310
(330) 258-2910

Late at night Taco Bell is pretty dang tasty, but if you’re looking for some truly original Mexican treats you’ll have to moonwalk your butt to Taqueria Rancheros.

David, the owner, grew up just outside of Mexico City and brought the flavors of his hometown to Akron. This North Hill eatery has been around for almost five years, but it seems to still be a new discovery to the average Akronite. The menu may appear to read like regular Tex-Mex American restaurant fare, but don’t be fooled. Each plate is specially prepared with traditional meals made from scratch, sometimes with tongue and cactus.

This restaurant is really small. There’s a single table as well as a tiny counter for those who wish to eat-in, but other than that, it’s all takeout.

David was doing so much business with the local Hispanic community that he decided to open a Latino market right next door. This is a great place to pick up special peppers, beans, and sauces to impress your friends on those special dinner nights.

Remember to bring cash, because credit cards are not accepted. Parking directly in front of the location(s) on Cuyahoga Falls Ave. is prohibited, so plan on turning onto a side street. Call for hours.

Photos of the food can be found here:
(These are not my photos, I’m only linking to them.)

The Lamp Post

June 5, 2009

The Lamp Post
2081 E Market St.
(330) 733-5308

As you can tell from previous posts, I’m a fan of food challenges. When I drove past the super-hip greasy spoon the Lamp Post a few weeks ago I couldn’t help but notice the challenge painted on their window: The He-Man Breakfast. This is a true heart-clogger only those with stomachs of steel and bowels of brass can take on: three eggs (any way you like ’em), two meats (patties, links, or bacon), pancakes or French toast, two massive servings of hash browns, two slices of toast (white or wheat), and the required biscuits and sausage gravy, all served on a gigantic pizza platter.

The first time I visited the restaurant there was a gentleman who brought in two fish he had caught in Lake Erie. While the cook sliced, diced, and fried them up he told us he had two He-Mans in the same night. I don’t know if he was joking, but I wouldn’t try it myself. Just take a look at the photo and let me know what you think.

The Lamp Post is currently (as of this posting) open 24/7. When the bars close at 2:30 a.m. it’s supposedly packed with a crowd ready to either fight or pass out. Even when you visit during daytime hours expect to sit next to both the upper crust and the hoi palloi. There’s no question you’ll be referred to as “Honey” by the gracious wait staff.

The Corral: A Tasty NiteMare

November 10, 2008

The Corral

The Corral
1006 S. Arlington St.
Akron, OH

I know that my first post makes this blog look like a list of restaurant reviews. I promise to have a wide variety of unique Akron shops, hangouts, historical locations, and more in the future. Enjoy.

While Beacon Journal readers voted sauerkraut balls as the official food of Akron it could be argued that burgers are a close second. Not only do we host a National Hamburger Festival every summer, we also have Menche Brothers, a restaurant that claims to have invented the beefy sandwich. While many friends have a list of favorite joints such as Skyway and Swenson’s, few ever mention The Corral.

This bastion of tastiness has been located at 1006 S. Arlington “for many years” according to one employee. While the menu is full of heart-clogging options (gravy is listed as a side), the signature dish is the NiteMare. Weighing in at almost a half-pound (the whole thing, not just the patty), the NiteMare has the standard onions, mustard, ketchup, mustard, etc., but what makes this burger unique is that it’s contents lovingly rest upon a slice of chip-chopped ham. Not convinced? Let your taste buds make the final verdict.

The interior is very tiny. There are only a handful of ’50s-style booths next to the sizzling kitchen. Most patrons order take-out or are served in their cars drive-in style.

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