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Omegakron! – Akron’s Fantasy/Sci-Fi Role-playing Game

August 14, 2012

History of Novos Akros from Steve Felix on Vimeo.

Very few small cities have their own fantasy games, which is what makes Omegakron one of the ultimate Akron-related collectable oddities.

Ohio native Tom Moldvay cut his teeth in the role-playing game industry in the early 1980s by developing guides for Dungeons and Dragons as well as smaller adventure modules such as Gangbusters and Star Frontiers. One of his most personal stand-alone series—and what some consider his most detailed work—was the Avon Hill game Lords of Creation. Originally released in 1983, the game had three modules created by Moldvay, the final of the series being Omegakron.

Set in the city of Akron 200 years after a nuclear disaster, players must navigate the urban rustbelt terrain; fight street gangs, mutants, and cyborgs; and eventually find their way back two centuries into the past.

The game isn’t set in a fictional Akron; it is entirely based on the actual buildings, layout, and even the very real history of the city. The cover artwork and interior booklet feature many of Akron’s most recognizable landmarks, including the PNC Center, the First Merit Building, St. Bernards, Glendale Cemetery, and more. The game includes a map of the city, a history written by Moldvay, a detailed game booklet, and character stat sheets.

You can read more about Omegakron’s plot and gameplay on the blog A Paladin In Citadel.

After several years of game design, Moldvay fell ill and returned to Akron to be near his family. Although he passed away on March 9, 2007 at the age of 58, he left a legacy of games as well as many incomplete projects that may eventually see the light of day.

While Omegakron does require the Lords of Creation packaged set, they are both currently available on Amazon.

In 2012 Akron musician Joseph Minadeo’s record label Patternbased and Dave Ignizio’s Square Records produced Novos Akros, a soundtrack created not just for the game, but for a fictional film based off of the game. The compilation of local bands was released on CD for Record Store Day on April 21, 2012 and has since sold out, but streaming and downloadable versions are still available online.


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