About Interesting Akron

I constantly hear my peers complain that Northeast Ohio is boring. My goal is to get you out of the Montrose Starbucks and take you to interesting locations found in the city limits of or within a short drive of Akron, Ohio. These will be places that are fun, weird, exciting, and a little off the beaten path. They might be hidden local restaurants, freaky flea markets, historical landmarks, or underground bookstores (they exist). I’m also very interested in hearing about your local discoveries, so please email me any suggestions. I plan on posting a new entry every week on Sunday night.

A note of warning: Please explore these locations at your own risk. By posting a shop, venue, market etc., I’m not attesting to its safety. If you do decide to visit these entries please call ahead to make sure they’re still open. I’m more than likely not going to spend much time updating each posting, but if I find out something has closed I’ll be sure to make it known.

I hope to develop this blong into an unofficial guide to “Underground Akron” or “Akron Oddities.”


6 Responses to “About Interesting Akron”

  1. Beckie Says:

    What a great blog! This is just what I need! I’ve been in the Stow/Akron area for 3 years now, and I still don’t really feel very well acclimated. I’ve done quite a bit of exploring on my own, but had yet to find a local bookstore, used good shop, and other oddities I so love. Thanks for writing on this…please keep it coming!!

  2. GeekDad42 Says:

    This is fantastic! I have been in town for about 13 years (originally from NJ), and have at least driven by many of these places, but haven’t checked them all out.
    There is so much history in this area, and so many gems tucked away around town. I have found some places that my wife, who was born and raised in Akron, has never heard of.
    I really appreciate this site. Keep up the good work!

  3. Juniper Sage Says:

    I am a fan of your blog and in keeping with your theme I wanted to invite you to Mini Mart at Musica on May 1st from 10a-5p. I’d love to meet you and have you see what cool goings on there are!

    Cheers – Juniper Sage

  4. sjs34 Says:

    I love your blog & would love to suggest an idea for the vegan-curious:

    The Akron Vegan Bake Sale for Japan will be selling goodies on April 2nd, 2011 from 11am-4pm at VegiTerranean restaurant in downtown Akron. Proceeds will be donated to help Japan’s people and animals.

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Hello! I am super excited to discover your blog – I’ve lived in the area my whole life and I love historical and odd little-known details about things. I look forward to reading through it all – thank you for your work!

    • Jennifer Says:

      PS. In case you’d like to know how I found your blog, I came across it when Googling for pictures of the Miller mansion (aka Oak Place) after reading the chapter on Edison’s wedding in Mark Price’s “The Rest is History”.

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