Peace, Love, & Light

Peace, Love and Light, Inc.
841 N. Main St.
Akron OH 44310
(330) 535-5683

In the early 1980s Gary Saus planted an acorn on his North Main St. property with the hope that it would represent the foundation of his new business. For the following decades he operated The Acorn Grows, a metaphysical shop that was an anchor for many Akron residents seeking more knowledge about their ideologies.

Although the Acorn Grows closed in 2001, the storefront has been revamped and re-imagined by Lisa Marie, the new proprietor who describes herself as a “Sea Otter of the Universe” on her business card. The new shop sells books, stones, candles, artwork, clothing, and more. The business also hosts regular events such as astrology study groups, candle magic, and spiritual development.

The location additionally serves as a meeting place for Lisa Marie’s second operation: the Abundance-R-Us Food Co-op. For a $10 fee members can purchase fresh produce, delivered on a weekly basis.

While the business now has a different name and new proprietors, it still has the mighty oak out front, planted by Gary Saus so many years ago.


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