Retro Home Decor

Retro Home Decor
451 W. Market St.

I’m pretty busy this week, so I’ll make this one short!

West Market has a great stretch of antique stores a tiny flea markets that I plan on slowly covering over the next few months.

Davin Strong had a pretty steady gig with Chrysler until he was handed a pink slip and had to find a new job. After much soul searching he finally decided to take his life in a different direction and purchased 451 West Market to make his dream of retro interior design a reality.

Retro Home Decor is filled with classic furniture and decorations from the 1930s through the 1980s. It’s difficult to nail down a description of Davin’s entire collection, so I highly recommend that you stop by and check out the awesomeness. My favorite is the amazing macramé lamp hanging from the third-floor ceiling. See the above photos for just a taste of the collection.


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One Response to “Retro Home Decor”

  1. tangywolf Says:

    i just bought a couch from Retro Home Decor like three days ago. 😀

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