The (Other) Andrew Jackson House

Andrew Jackson House
277 East Mill St.

During my years at the Univeristy of Akron I passed by the Andrew Jackson house numerous times and wondered why the legendary President of the United States would have a home right here in Akron. It turns out it’s a completely different Andrew Jackson. The Akron Jackson was one of the owners of Jackson, Buchtel and Company, a lumber business he operated with William Buchtel, the brother of John R. Buchtel, the founder of Buchtel College, which later became the U of A.

Jackson was known for more than being a wealthy businessman, he built what was considered to be the city’s first skyscraper, a seven-story structure at Main and Mill streets in downtown. The duo lived and worked in the Jackson house from 1870 until 1918, when it was purchased by the charitable fraternity The Odd Fellows. The group stayed in the building until 1994 and was purchased by Clevelander Alex Simon, who planned on turning it into a cafe and hangout for University students. The renovations didn’t materialize and the house was more or less left empty.

Although it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975, it later became a hot spot for the homeless, many of whom stripped pieces of the house to burn for warmth. In 2007 it was purchased and renovated by the real estate development and historical restoration company The Chesler Group. It is now the home of the GAR Foundation, a charitable organization that provides grants to improve the community.

According to a February 2010 article in the Beacon Journal, the house is representative of “the Second Empire style, a design characterized by mansard roofs, dormer windows and brackets under the eaves.”

The ballroom is available for rental, but the facilities are not open for tours. You can view a gallery of photos from before and after the restoration on the Web site listed above.


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  1. Mick Says:

    Interesting post! Keep them coming…

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