A bucket o’ gold at the end of the X-Wing

Mike’s Place
1700 South Water Street
Kent, OH 44240-4447
(330) 673-6501

When I visit Kent it reminds me of all late nights in college when my friends and I hopped from bar-to-bar, catching wacky bands and stand up comedians, and then capping it off with a visit to Mike’s Place. Those who know me will probably make accusations that I selected this location purely because they have a makeshift X-Wing fighter out front, but I have to counter with the amazing menu.

Mike’s has dozens of heart-clogging meals and sides, all with clever names. My personal favorite is a sandwich called the “Dirk Diggler.” It’s huge, and does in fact require two hands. While there also pick up a “Bucket ‘O Gold,” which is literally a bucket filled with all of the fried foods on the menu, including ravioli.

This is a restaurant full of character, loud music and plenty of seats, so you’ll never find yourself waiting for a table. I suggest dining in the streetcar.


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One Response to “A bucket o’ gold at the end of the X-Wing”

  1. Ted Zep Says:

    I love Mike’s. During the summer I went every Tuesday night for a breakfast burrito after work. After all, breakfast-for-dinner is the most important meal of the day.

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