The “Not-Don Quixote Statue” Statue

The corner of Marvin Ave. and Corson Ave., just south of West Market and west of Highland Square
It’s public art, no hours or phone number

A few months ago when a friend gave me directions to a house just west of Highland Square I was told to take a right at the “Don Quixote” statue. I had never heard of this statue, but thought it sounded intriguing, so on my way I pulled over and took a few photos. The metal artwork stands in a spot where Marvin Ave. and Corson Ave. meet, just south of West Market. A few words are engraved: “Drumm,” “1981,” and “In Memory of Stiliany Thomarios.”

If you’re an Akronite, you know Don Drumm is one of the most popular artists in the area and has made his mark on the city over the past fifty years. But, I really wanted to know who Stiliany Thomarios was and why there was a Don Quiote statue in her honor.

To answer these questions I had a short conversation with Donn Drumm’s wife and business partner, Lisa. The statue is made of contemporary steel and is not of Don Quixote, but of a Native American riding a horse in reference to the nearby Portage Path. Stiliany Thomarios was the mother of Paul Thomarios, one of the founders and co-operators of Thomarios Painting and Construction. The company has a wide variety of services, most notably the painting and cleaning of high tech aircraft and space craft, including the Saturn-Apollo V Rocket. After his mother’s death, Paul hired Don Drumm to create a piece of public art in his mother’s memory.

I hope to highlight even more public art in the near future. It’s kind of cool to discover the history of something I drive past everyday, or notice for the first time, and find a fun little story behind it. Let me know if you have any suggestions!


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2 Responses to “The “Not-Don Quixote Statue” Statue”

  1. Blue Green Says:

    Hey Rob,

    Nice work. Keep up the good work.

  2. Blue Green Says:

    I love the picture for the log. Nice.

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