Eat ‘N’ Run . . . not Eat and Park

Eat ‘N’ Run Diner
1323 Kenmore Blvd.
(330) 848-3212

Nestled between a Smokes-For-Less Outlet and a company that embroiders bowling shirts, Eat ‘N’ Run has been an institution in Akron’s Kenmore neighborhood since time immemorial. A classic “greasy spoon,” this family-owned eatery features an old-fashioned lunch counter, speedy service, and most importantly, excellent grub, from mouth-watering omelets to arguably the best Reuben sandwich in Northeast Ohio.

Located along a gritty, post-industrial stretch of Kenmore Boulevard, it’s easy to miss, so look for the vintage “Enjoy Sprite” sign on the front of the building . . . and bring cash! No plastic allowed.

Call for hours!

-Mike Manges


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One Response to “Eat ‘N’ Run . . . not Eat and Park”

  1. Jack Says:

    Good omelets too

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