Comic Books and Razor Blades . . .

Bernie’s Shaver Shop & Collectibles
828 East Exchange St.
Call for times or to make an appointment

I thought I had visited every collectible shop in a 60 mile radius since I moved to Akron in 1997. I thought wrong. Bernie’s doesn’t exactly scream “nerd hangout” from the street, but it is a fun site for urban adventurers. When I parked in the shop’s side lot I was greeted by a Hulk Hogan mask in the window, giving me an idea of what awaited inside.

Bernie’s is basically a dude’s house on Exchange, but apparently they’ve been open for several decades. I believe that before selling collectibles they sold and serviced barbershop equipment. When you first walk in you’ll be greeted by a three-foot Yoda doll, a life-like Predator head, and piles of comics, posters, magazines, Hot Wheels, and more. It’s a small place, but it’s crammed full of stuff.

Don’t expect price tags, this is the kind of place where you negotiate, so if you like Star Trek and you know how to haggle you may be in luck. Unfortunately my charms didn’t get me any closer to affording the AT-AT I’ve always wanted.

There are hours posted, and they are usually open on Saturday afternoons, but the owner highly recommended calling to make an appointment.


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One Response to “Comic Books and Razor Blades . . .”

  1. Mike Says:

    If Norman Bates had a junk store…

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