A Word of Caution . . .

Last week an Interesting Akron reader had an overwhelmingly negative (if not almost violent) experience at one of the locations posted on this blog. As I mention on the “About Interesting Akron” page, I highly encourage you to take as much caution as possible while visiting any of these sites. I am not responsible for anything that may occur during your explorations. Some of these places are in high-crime areas and are sometimes owned, managed, and patronized by some pretty unpredictable individuals. Always take a friend with you, lock your car doors, and never leave any valuables in clear sight.

On another note, my goal is to highlight what I feel are some of the more amusing locations within a reasonable driving distance of the city. I’m not going to guarantee that you will be totally blown away by any flea market, store, or historical site. This blog is basically an experiment and a fun way to share part of my Akron experience with you.

That being said, I hope you do gain something from my posts. I highly encourage you to add comments, positive or otherwise, and also recommend your favorite things to do in the area.

Thanks for reading and enjoy.


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