Shea butter? I’m listening . . .

North Hill African Market

North Hill African Market
212 E Cuyahoga Falls Ave
(330) 374-1168
Akron, OH 44310

Looking for something other than Mexican, Italian or traditional steaks for dinner? The North Hill African Market isn’t exactly mind-blowing, but it has some really cool stuff. Hold your nose, it can be a little stinky depending on the merchandise and weather.

The last time I stopped in there was a HUGE shea nut an employee was scooping for butter. Interesting spices, sodas, veggies, and other sundries.

Sorry for the late and short post as well as the poor photo. I’m ready for bed.


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2 Responses to “Shea butter? I’m listening . . .”

  1. Beckie Says:

    I have been looking all over for an African store in Akron…yea!!

    • interestingakron Says:

      Hi Beckie,
      Are there any other stores, shops, historical sites you would like to see on this site? Anything you would like to recommend?
      Thanks again for reading!
      Interesting Akron

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