Akron Area Book Tour, Part One—Buckeye Books

I’m a huge book nerd and although I do stop into Borders and Barnes and Noble to pick up brand new copies of the hottest titles, I still enjoy reading first edition hardcovers and paperbacks from years past. The Akron area harbors only a handful of independent booksellers that offer vintage printings, so I thought I would highlight my favorites in a series over the next few weeks.

Buckeye Books
795 Brittain Rd.
Akron, OH 44305
(330) 794-2455

Buckeye Books has been a mainstay in the Chapel Hill area for several years but remains tucked away on Brittain Road between strip clubs and discount furniture shops. Their storefront is unassuming, and for quite a while I thought it had been abandoned. What you will find inside are piles of classics and hardback fiction and nonfiction that could take days to sort through individually.

What I love about this store is that I have discovered books I never knew existed among the stacks that I immediately purchased and devoured. If you’re looking for a New York Times best seller you might find it, but it’s what you don’t have on the Oprah reading list that will draw your eye. Among the rarities you will also find fun hardcover copies of classic genre novels like Cujo or Dandelion Wine.

On your first visit give yourself the opportunity to scan the shelves with an open mind and pull out anything that catches your fancy. Two weeks ago I picked up the book Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World (as shown above), which I remember flipping through at my high school, but couldn’t find again at book sellers or the Summit County library system. It’s available on Amazon, but I never would have thought about it again if I hadn’t dropped by.

You can search their Web site for available titles online, but I prefer spending a quiet rainy afternoon looking for the books I didn’t plan to find. The friendly staff is more than happy help you find the perfect late-night read. Call for hours.


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  1. Dominic Says:

    Cool. I’m there! It’s on! And so on…

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