Solid State: Antique High Tech

Akron Antique Audio
397 S. Maple St.
(330) 849-9779

Flat screen HD TVs and Dolby Digital sound systems may be the hottest goods purchased with the last few dollars Akronites have in their pockets, but a few citizens prefer top technology from fifty years ago. Akron Antique Audio touts themselves as “Purveyors of quality vintage tube electronics,” and their Maple Street location proves just that. The floor room may be small, but it’s packed with ancient radios, televisions, reel-to-reel recorders, amps, and more. Customers can browse the displays, purchase tubes and parts, or bring that favorite stereo from high school in to be repaired. I enjoy watching their demonstration tapes of old television specials on the curved tube display models.

If you’re searching for something special and don’t want to leave the comfort of your home you can shop on the AAA Web site, where you can find their entire stock, including items that don’t appear in the showroom floor. Operating hours have changed once or twice recently, so I recommend calling first to make sure they’re open for your visit.


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