Petra Mediterranean Foods

Petra Mediterranean Foods
57 Midway Plaza
(330) 633-3830

Petra Mediterranean Foods

I like Acme, but if you’re really interested in trying something new, do yourself a favor and check out Petra Foods. I drove past Midway Plaza for years and admired the large sixties-style “M” sign in the parking lot, but I never patronized any of the shops until recently. Midway Plaza Petra has a wide variety of Middle Eastern meats, spices, candy, juices, and numerous non-food objects from around the world including kitchen appliances, books, an interesting telephone, and more.

Their extensive stock of hookahs lining the walls really caught my eye. Each one is different from the next, which makes it difficult to choose if you’re in the market for a group smoking device (which I am). Prices range from the tiny $30 model into the hundreds for more ornate party-style versions. I wonder if this where Jabba the Hutt picked his up. Don’t forget to sniff their selection of imported spiced and flavored tobaccos. I prefer Jasmine, mostly because I like saying the name.

This family-run business is friendly to new customers. Expect to be approached and offered help.

IA Bonus:
When you’re done shopping for goat shanks take a look around the shopping center. Midway Plaza is also home to a clean and well-stocked Goodwill. I’m a big thrift store junky, and while I have my favorite locations, I think this one might be in my top ten. I almost purchased a quadraphonic sound system here, but the only record I have in that format is Quadrophenia. Hmmm. Maybe it would be worth it.

Also, there’s an old furniture store that looks all but abandoned. The couches, beds, and recliners are still on the floor with price tags but are covered with debris due to the caved-in ceiling. It looks almost . . . post-apocalyptic.


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