Cage matches, reptile shows and more

Chapparells Community Center
2418 S. Arlington Rd.
(330) 644-8700

Chapparells Community Center

While visiting The Corral (see the first entry from November 10) I happened to drive past the Chapparells Community Center and couldn’t help but notice their promotional sign for a live cage fighting event. I decided to take a few photos and file them away for the future. Fast forward to this Friday. I had lunch at IDO on S. Main (I highly recommend) and caught sight of an ad for “midget wrestling,” and guess where?

I really want to avoid posting events to this blog because they obviously go out of date, but it appears that Chapparells has regular events of this caliber. For example, I found this listing on

“The Great American Reptile Show — December 27, 2008; 10 a.m.-3 p.m. — Buy, sell, or view reptiles from around the world. Enter a drawing to win a snake. Have a picture taken with a snake.”

Chapparells holds numerous public events and fundraisers, but is also the part-time home of the Chapparells Baton & Drum Corp, a non-profit youth group. Admission for some of these events isn’t as cheap as I expected. Midget wrestling (January 17th, 2009 at 8 p.m., in case you’re interested) is $350 for a ten-seat table. Individual tickets at the door are $25. Past cage matches, kickboxing, and karate events have been in the same price range.

One future event currently on schedule is the Akron-Canton Comic Con on January 25th, but unfortunately the venue does not have a Web site, so give them a buzz for more information.

I think I’ll have my picture taken with the snake.

IA Bonus:
The midget wrestling event (I know it’s not exactly PC, but this is how it’s advertised) is sponsored by the Main Street Saloon (1481 South Main St., 330-724-8855), a neighborhood bar and grill that has been serving jumbo-sized food since 1985. Customers can take on a meal dubbed “The Challenger”: an 80 (eighty) oz. steak, baked potato, salad, roll, and 22 oz. beverage. It’s $29.95, unless the customer consumes every item. Twenty four hour notice and a ten dollar deposit are required for anyone wishing to take said challenge.


2 Responses to “Cage matches, reptile shows and more”

  1. Mike Says:

    Sounds fantastic. I used to have to watch late night channel 14 to get all my cage fight/midget action. Great blog!

  2. nia Says:

    robbie! i just read ur whole blog!!! i would go to the AK-rowdy just for bookstore shopping!!! i can’t wait to plan a trip! 🙂

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